More than Meats the Eye

Owner David Siewert says Major Munch, 101 N.W. First St. in the Old Post Office Complex isn’t fast food, but they are quick. The family-operated restaurant acquires a line of customers out the door — all served as rapidly as they arrived.

Since 2009, Major Munch has offered major flavors with burgers, Philly cheesesteaks, po’boys, a salad bar, and tenderloins — all $12 or less.

“I didn’t want to carry exactly the same thing as everybody else in town,” says Siewert. “I wanted to serve what everyone likes and put my own spin on it.”

Everything is popular, he says, but the catfish sandwich and burgers are ordered the most. Major Munch is also known for its homemade recipes.

All breading, seasoning, washes, as well as the fry and tartar sauces (which Siewert hopes to one day sell in stores) are made from scratch. He also hand-tenderizes all the meat.

Due to its success, Siewert says the restaurant could expand to multiple locations, but now the focus is on remodeling their current location, venturing into catering, and maintaining their standards.

“Customers won’t leave hungry for a good price and high quality,” he says.

Munch on This • 812-499-0160

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