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Forty-two years after Evansville celebrated America’s bicentennial with the installation of the Four Freedoms Monument and six years after the City of Evansville marked its own bicentennial, Vanderburgh County turns 200 this year.

As we considered how we might feature the county’s anniversary, we found while we love presenting about our historic, built environment, for this story we were drawn to our land. Managing Editor Trista Lutgring, Senior Writer Elisa Gross, and Photographer Zach Straw dug in, nearly literally, exploring the topography of the land of Vanderburgh County. They affirmed what we already know — Vanderburgh County, on the horseshoe bend in the Ohio River, is a pretty special place. (Please see story, This Land is Our Land, page 42).

We’ve made some changes to the magazine with this issue. Since the launch of Evansville Living, the publication has served as keeper of the community calendar — in the bimonthly print editions, on, in the annual Evansville Living City View, and in Social Datebook. We recently surveyed readers via social media on their use of our event guides.

We also studied how peer city and regional magazines present their event guides, and we sought the advice of a magazine consultant with whom we are working. We decided our pages could work harder with some restructuring of the magazine’s architecture and a more curated approach to the event guide, now under the banner of Culture. Creative Director Heather Gray brought the changes together and lightened the look of the front of the book — not a redesign but more than a tweak. The complete annual event guide still is found on; additionally, we highlight upcoming events in the weekly electronic newsletter Short Cuts sent on Thursdays.

As always, I look forward to hearing from you.

Kristen K. Tucker
Publisher & Editor

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