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As passersby stop into the newly-opened location of Re:Creation Designs Studio, they share stories of the space when it was the Newburgh Country Store and come ready to create new memories.

The Newburgh Country Store building, which closed in 2013 after more than 50 years in business, has reopened as a vintage furniture restoration and design studio owned by Deb Rhodes and her daughter A.J. White. Located at 224 W. Jennings St., Rhodes and White purchased the former country store building in May and worked day and night to renovate the building for its next life.

“We are in the business of making old things new,” says Rhodes, who opened Re:Creation in October. “We do so just for the principle of the story and to let the story continue. Our name is Re:Creation Designs Studio because we believe as humans we are re-created as we go through life and furniture is the same way. You don’t necessarily cover up the scars, you embrace those and it is a part of the piece. This is our biggest re-creation project. The Klugers had owned this for more than 50 years. This building is so iconic.”

Today, Re:Creation Designs sells restored vintage furniture, bracelets made out of old guitar strings, necklaces created from canceled stamps, Proof sunglasses made from recycled skateboards, Hat & Rabbit handmade accessories, and more. The studio also pays homage to the country store’s heritage by offering old fashioned candies and sodas.

Rhodes’ dream of Re:Creation began as a booth selling paint in May 2014 at A Potpourri of Shops in Newburgh. Previously a wellness coach, Rhodes soon was joined by White, who lived in Phoenix, and together, they saw a bigger vision and opened a renovated office space in November 2014 on State Route 261.

“We started doing classes, doing custom paintings, and selling pieces we were making,” says Rhodes. “We started bumping into each other because we didn’t have enough space. We were just happy to be in a spot, not really knowing there was an option to us to go bigger.”

Because of their investment in restoring old, forgotten items, White says their clients encouraged their purchase of the country store location.

“We want this place to not just be a business, because we see more of the value in the people who come in the door who have an experience here,” says Rhodes, who adds that the studio also serves as a second location for Lucid Coffee. “We want the environment to feel comforting, inviting, and peaceful.”

For more information about Re:Creation Designs Studio, call 812-629-2250 or visit recreationdesigns.com.

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