On a Roll


It’s human nature to stick with flavors you know you like, but at D-Ice, trying something new is highly encouraged. Located in the food court of Eastland Mall on Green River Road, D-Ice is known for serving up delicious and unexpected flavors of rolled ice cream.

Kim Hock Seow, his wife Mee Leng Ting, and their children make up the fun family business. Known as Thai fried ice cream rolls, this creative take on a classic treat is filled with fresh ingredients and various flavors. D-Ice offers several kinds of ice cream to choose from and this dish, called Bear Lover, is
packed with delightful tastes.

REAL FLAVORS: A blend of strawberry ice cream base, fresh chopped strawberries, and a drizzle of strawberry syrup is smoothed onto a freezing surface and, once solidified, rolled up into five rolls.

FINAL TOUCH: Last but not least, pouring a small amount of strawberry syrup ties every flavor together and finishes the dish off on a sweet note.

TOASTY FLUFF: A freshly toasted marshmallow joins other embellishments to offer yet another texture.

DECORATIVE DOLLOP: For even more creaminess, rolls are topped with a healthy amount of whipped cream.

COLOR COORDINATED: The carefully placed strawberry wafers contribute to the aesthetically pleasing design and add some crunch to the velvety ice cream.

FRESH PICKS: A fresh strawberry nearly completes the list of toppings on the snack. Using real ingredients is important to the taste and quality of the dish.

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