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Jason Burton admits talking has never been his forte. But after four years of hosting the Evansville Podcast, talking with local business owners and community leaders has become, he has found, a new niche.

“It’s a lot easier now. I’m coming a little out of my shell more. We’re almost to 300 episodes, so I figure at some point I’ll know what I’m doing,” he says with a laugh.

Burton started the Evansville Podcast in December 2013 as a way to help himself network and prompt his consulting company. The plan was to spotlight local businesses, but he quickly found himself in contact with event organizers as well.

“It just grew from that,” says the Princeton, Indiana, native and solutions architect at Redstitch Digital. “A lot of times people will reach out to me now. It’s very rare that I reach out anymore. They just seem to find me.”

Over the years, Burton’s podcast has grown from conversations with community members to other ideas, including the EVVENTS cast, where Burton, Cory Edwards, and Adam Grove discuss 21 events going on in the city each week. Another recent episode featured three residents with the same first name discussing what life is like in Evansville.

“I’m trying to figure out new ideas so I don’t get bored, and hopefully listeners aren’t getting bored either,” says Burton.

Burton’s hope with his episodes is to introduce listeners to businesses, events, and parts of the city they may not be aware of or familiar with. The goal is to encourage residents to show support to local spots and drive home that there truly are things to do in Evansville.

“One of the good things about the podcast has been meeting people who are in the similar mindset,” he says. “One of the things that keeps me going is that there is a lot of stuff going on around here.”

For more information on Evansville Podcast, visit evansvillepodcast.com.

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