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When the neighboring business moved out of the space at 1412 S. Green River Road, the thought of moving never occurred to Curt Jones, owner of Ultimate Fit. That is until his wife and co-owner Cindy suggested moving their shoe and home fitness business into the bigger space. Ultimate Fit has now been in its new location since May 1, even celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, and Curt says they already are at home in the space.

“We even took a little more space in the back than I assumed we needed, but it’s already filled up,” he says. “In the new space, it’s just the room, just the feel.”

“It feels right,” says Cindy.

The new location not only gives the business more room for inventory, but it also allows customers space to browse. All of the products in the new space were offered in the previous store next door, though Curt says items were so packed in that some regular customers didn’t realize the scope of accessories and equipment available until they shopped in the new location.

Ultimate Fit now can better serve customers, with more space to fit shoes, use the foot balance machine, and determine the ideal fit of shoes for runners, walkers, and everyday active people.

“I cannot say enough about the backing they give us from the walking community to the running community,” says Curt. “We’re talking about workers, doctors, just general people who are going to Disney. We were the same store in the old space, but when you come in the door now, it represents what we really are.”

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