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Brenda Wallace had been with Harding, Shymanski & Company as a certified public accountant for nearly 28 years when an opportunity presented itself.

Working with local doctors on their accounting brought her into contact with medical billing company Dataco. The company’s owner was looking to sell and that gave Wallace an idea — bring Dataco into the HSC fold.

“Being an accountant, I crunched all the numbers and said to our president at that time Steve Titzer, ‘Here’s how we can make this work,’” she says.

Accounting has been a lifelong career for Wallace. An Evansville native (graduate of Central High School and the University of Southern Indiana), she began at Harding Shymanski as an intern in 1980 and never looked back. This year, she was promoted to CEO of HSC Medical Billing. Though she spends a significant amount of time overseeing the medical billing side, Wallace continues to serve as a CPA.

Under Wallace’s leadership, Dataco became HSC Medical Billing & Consulting and today offers services that expand beyond typical billing, from provider enrollment and revalidation to coding claims and patient billing.

“Basically we do everything a medical practice needs to do in order for doctors to get paid for their services,” she says. “We serve clients throughout the region and have no geographic limitations. We’ve even provided services for clinics on military bases in Afghanistan.”

Ten years ago, only five employees made up the staff at Dataco. Since the acquisition by Harding Shymanski and under the direction of Wallace HSC Medical Billing has grown to more than 50 staff members. That growth has surprisingly happened with little to no difficulty thanks to her staff, says Wallace. She credits the accounting firm’s founders Al Harding and Dick Shymanski for establishing a culture of success.

“I keep coming back to our core values — honesty and integrity, quality, empowerment of our people, and harmony of work-life balance,” says Wallace. “My greatest satisfaction is creating jobs here.”

For more information on HSC Medical Billing & Consulting, call 812-473-0181 or visit hsccpa.com.

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