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This is the time of year in the Tucker Publishing Group offices that we tabulate the Best of Evansville winners. It’s always fun, and somewhat challenging, because of the varied spellings voters give their write-in choices. We’ve written before about some of the more amusing votes:  Cod Stone Creamery was selected as best ice cream; Fiji, the South Pacific Island, has been noted as best local sushi; and Germania Maennerchor was spelled one year 22 different ways.

To tide you over until the Best of Evansville is revealed in the January/February 2014 issue of Evansville Living, today I offer my Publisher’s Picks — completely with bias and opinion.

Best Ice Cream: Lic’s Peppermint Stick.  It is in stores now!

Best Pizza: I’ve been a fan of The Slice, in my neighborhood, since it opened and my favorite pizza is easily their spinach and feta.

Best Workout: Hot yoga at Yoga 101. If you have not tried it, you must. I do believe it cures nearly everything.

Best Hairstylist: Mark at Posh has cut my hair for years. He reminds me that he “highlights” my hair; he does not color it.

Best Beer: Among local beers, I like it blonde or lighter. I’ve long enjoyed Turoni’s Honey Blonde Ale.  At Tin Man, I like their Bohemian Pilsner.

Best-kept Secret View: My husband and I enjoy eating lunch at Fifth Third bank’s top-floor cafeteria in their Downtown tower. The views of the city are great; the food is good and moderately priced.

Best Gift Shopping: A gift from Nance Galleries is special. The East Side store glistens with beautiful gifts and each is specially wrapped with an information card — a treat to give and receive. The extra touch makes your gift seem bespoke.

Best Entertainment Venue: The Ford Center!

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