Ring in the Season

There’s nothing quite so welcoming as a beautiful wreath hanging on your door. The history of wreaths dates back to ancient Rome and Greece when the decoration was worn to indicate occupation, rank, and achievements — back then, laurel was the most commonly used element.

Today, evergreen is seen the most during the fall and winter months; however, wreaths can be made from a variety of dried flowers, leaves, and more. Mary Ellen Damm of Timberview Flower Farm recommends using dried seasonal flowers available to you — such as hydrangeas, cockscomb, and roses. This year, she says eucalyptus leaves, seen here along with red berries and pinecones, are gaining popularity.

When making your wreath, be sure to have perfect blooms — ones that have dried well and still have color. Another tip is to pay attention to color schemes and not to worry so much about symmetry; trust your eyes and do not overflow your wreath.

“Once you get the flow of things, it starts to come together,” says Damm. “Work in your leaves, maybe a few other things such as flax or ferns.”

The most important advice? Be creative; find flowers, leaves, and elements that complement your style and your door.

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