Scarves to a T

T-shirt scarves are very simple to make.

Almost no precision is necessary, which makes this craft especially appropriate for those who are impatient. These scarves also are lightweight, so they can be worn year-round. All you need to create your own T-shirt scarf is:

•  A T-shirt (the larger the T-shirt, the more fabric you’ll be able to work with)
•  Fabric scissors or a rotary cutter
•  Beads or embellishment (optional)
•  Ruler (optional)

Lay your T-shirt out flat. Start by cutting the hem off the bottom of the shirt. Then, begin cutting 1-inch strips width-wise until you reach the arms of the shirt. You should end up with about 10 to 15 strips, depending on the length of your T-shirt. Next, stretch each strip individually with your hands. Pull the strip as if you’re going to tear it in half. This will cause the T-shirt strips to curl into noodle shapes.

Set one of the stretched strips aside to bind the scarf together.

You can embellish the stretched strips with beads, or you can braid some of the strips together to make irregularities in the scarf. You will need to cut the strip to allow the beads to be strung on or to make the braids.

Once you’ve embellished to your desire, complete the scarf by binding the strips together at the back using the binding strip that was previously set aside. Use it to tie a loop and a knot around the bundled strips of the scarf. Wrap it around the bundle several times tightly, knot it at the end, and tuck the knot into the wrapping.

Your repurposed T-shirt creation is now ready to wear. You’ll definitely want to make more of them in different colors.

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