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Silver Linings, We’ll Take Them

It’s been rough, no doubt about it. The word COVID-19 appeared in this letter in the March/April issue. Overnight we went from being cautious about hugging and shaking hands to staying home and wearing masks and gloves if we had to venture out for essentials. Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb joined most other governors by issuing a six-week stay-at-home order. As we go to press with this issue, the state of Indiana and Evansville is opening back up and the term “new normal” is part of our daily lexicon.

What does that look like? The story is being written as we live it and will continue to evolve. But the pandemic doesn’t make our way of life irrelevant; rather, it shows us we can find solace and security in the familiar. So, we will continue to do what we do — celebrate Evansville and our community.

Our silver lining in producing this issue is the feature “10 Most Beautiful Homes,” which we introduced in the May/June 2019 issue and was well underway before the pandemic began. As we made the final choices about the homes to include, Photographer Zach Straw could easily photograph the facades of the homes and our editorial staff, Managing Editor Trista Lutgring and Senior Writer Elisa Gross, could connect with homeowners with phone interviews. Once again, southwestern Indiana was treated to a beautiful spring — almost too beautiful some say given the pain many were experiencing. I think the pastel chalk colors of the season and the dappled sunlight splashed across the charming homes illustrate the warmth and connectivity we are seeking right now.

We didn’t stop with 10 Most Beautiful Homes. In this issue you’ll also find Porch Portraits, photographer Straw’s feature of families and households quarantining on their porches or in their front yards. Over the course of three weeks, Straw visited — at a safe distance — 36 homes to document family life during the crisis. We put out a call on social media for interested households; Straw successfully took the portraits of all who expressed interest. Flip through these pages (beginning on page 33) to see if you know any of the families who answered the call.

For nearly our entire 20-year history, the May/June issue also has included our special advertising feature, At Home. Again, you might call this a silver lining. While many city magazines across the nation reported a mass exodus of advertising, the local businesses in the home building, real estate, design, landscape, décor, pool, and home service industries largely stayed the course, providing readers a wide range of local tips and trends to enhance living at home. As I wrote in the previous issue, our highs might not be as high, but our lows don’t seem to be as low as what many cities are experiencing. I hope you enjoy these 55 pages of entirely local home living content.

Thank you for reading this issue! What we do, we do for Evansville. We are proud of our city and proud of you. Please continue to be well and safe as you enjoy the reopening of Evansville.

As always, I look forward to hearing from you.


Kristen K. Tucker
Publisher & Editor

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