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Albion Fellows Bacon Center has taken a new step to engage and reach out to both victims of domestic abuse and supporters of the center. The nonprofit organization, which has worked for more than 35 years to prevent domestic violence and sexual abuse, recently brought its website up to date by making it more mobile friendly and giving it a more positive and empowering feel.

“We wanted to portray a feeling of empowerment,” says Rachel Gumble, community engagement director. “If you look at the girl in the home page photo, she’s in the rain but she’s smiling. It gives a powerful, bright message.”

Gumble says the old website used to have more content focusing on abuse and photos of sad-looking victims as opposed to the now more information-focused pages.

Lieberman Technologies built the website for AFBC, fixing page loading errors and adding new features such as an event calendar for classes, support groups, and other gatherings.

“With the new site, we tried to appeal to various audiences, including clients, volunteers, and those who donate,” says Gumble.

Don’t Miss: AFBC wanted to make the website more useful to volunteers and supporters as well by adding training features. The new site already has brought more attention from Indiana University’s social work master’s program, which wants to make AFBC a consistent partner for internships.

Site designed by: Lieberman Technologies.

Site maintained by: Albion Fellows Bacon Center.

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