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Eight years ago Curt Jones of Evansville was watching his son run at an athletic field day when all of a sudden it hit him. He finally had the idea for his first business: Ultimate Fit.

“I always looked for somewhere to open a business of some sort,” says Curt. “I would come home and ask my wife Cindy, ‘What if we did a peanut butter company? No. What if we did a fake tree company? No.’ One day I came home and said there was an opportunity to buy the former Gilles Feet First store, and she said, ‘Hmm, maybe.’ And one thing led to another.”

The store on South Green River Road is in its eighth year and about to celebrate the opening of their new remodeled showroom. Curt and Cindy bought Gilles Feet First in January 2010 and have since paired customers with the best shoes possible to improve their gait and posture.

They always were involved in athletics from weight lifting to running. Curt was an employee at Gilles before he bought the company and knew they were not reaching their full potential.

“It was not feet first, it was more like feet fourth,” he laughs.

The Joneses just remodeled their showroom to accommodate more people, more room for product, and to update the overall feel of the store. Ultimate Fit will have a grand opening April 14 and 15. Curt also is excited about the introduction of their first podoscope.

Right now, the Ultimate Fit staff gauges problems and suggests solutions by watching how a customer stands and walks.

“The podoscope is going to be in conjunction with a custom insole that molds to your foot we create in-house,” says Jones. “It is going to let the customers see what we do. That way it’s not just me saying, ‘Oh, you over pronate.’ They’ll actually be able to see what that means.”

For more information about Ultimate Fit, call 812-431-0201 or visit

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