Skip the Accolades, We’ll Have Pizza

Fifteen years ago, the inaugural issue of Evansville Living was launched. With a few years under our belt, we’ve toned down our celebrations, perhaps just a bit, choosing to focus this issue on our favorite food — Pizza! — instead of anniversary accolades.

While I will offer some commentary on this anniversary, I want to first tell you, “thank you!” We could not do this — truly we could not publish this magazine or Evansville Business — without the loyal interest of readers! A great many of you have read every issue; we are grateful we have attracted your interest for 15 years. We appreciate our new readers who are just discovering Evansville Living; we hope to inform, instruct, amuse, and entertain you for years to come. 

In the fifth anniversary issue of Evansville Living, I noted in the Editor’s Letter “it’s tough to be too terribly clever and hip when we are but 5 years old.” Oh, but we did think we were clever. How else can I explain the seven Editor’s Letter photos and 300 words on “Good Days, Bad Days, All About the Hair Days” in that issue? It’s at this point that I should thank you again — for indulging our tendencies for fun.

We made a pretty darn big deal about the 10th anniversary of Evansville Living. We hosted a festive party at our offices. Photographer Daniel B. Knight took pictures of guests, and placed each photo onto a mocked-up magazine cover. The magazine cover itself featured a wheel montage of covers to that date.

Yes, we are very proud to continue to bring you Evansville Living 15 years down the road from the magazine’s inception. We do spend time in the office reflecting on the stories we’ve had the privilege to tell, and we talk about how Evansville Living impacts our city; we understand our responsibility. But in this anniversary issue, we are not going to recount our favorite stories of the past 15 years or sort through our favorite rooms of homes featured. (Readers can access much of our archival content at our website,

Instead, we are going to eat pizza! 

We did enjoy looking back at the inaugural issue, and the fifth and 10th anniversary issues, and present on page 176 a photo from each that we think aptly “reflects our city.”

As always, I look forward to hearing from you!

Kristen K. Tucker
Publisher & Editor

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