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Husband and wife team Shaun and Molly Angel are on a mission to improve the health of Tri-State residents. Their newest idea is the Upgrade Café, which offers fruit and vegetable blended juices, protein shakes, smoothies, coffees, and teas.

The Upgrade Café is located inside the Angels’ Livewell facility in Jennings Station Mall in Newburgh, Ind. Livewell opened last year, and grew to include strength training, yoga classes, chiropractic, and certified health coaching.

Upgrade Café opened in March. It offers a variety of organic coffee and teas, but its main focus is juice and smoothies. The Angels say juicing is a great way to get needed nutrients on the go.

“Nutrition has always been a passion of ours,” says Molly. “I have a culinary arts degree from Sullivan University, but I have not done anything with it. Juicing was a passion of ours at home, but we got to be so busy that we didn’t have time to do it for ourselves. So we thought ‘Let’s do this for our customers.’”

Both Shaun and Molly are certified personal trainers. Molly has a bachelor of science degree in health services administration and currently is attending the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become a health coach. The Angels have found there is health education involved in introducing customers to smoothies and juicing.

“Changing the way we eat allows us to experience more energy, improved attitude, have better feelings of vitality and focus,” says Shaun. “Empowering our visitors to do just that while they eat at Upgrade Café in a one-stop shop. We aren’t a business that is just trying to sell you something, we want to hopefully educate you along the way so it will keep transpiring.”

The Angels agree their ideal client is someone looking for a lifestyle change. Upgrade Café tries to purchase all locally, organically grown fresh products for its ingredients. Eventually, the restaurant hopes to expand its options into sandwiches.

For more information about Upgrade Café, call 855-843-3539 or visité/.

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