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‘So Many Flavors’

Mele’s offers creative choices for the most important meal of the day.

With a big menu that includes hearty breakfast favorites and American and Mexican fare, The Diner by Mele’s at 550 N. Green River Road has something to satisfy any taste.

‘Everything is Fresh’ The Diner by Mele’s, which three years ago relocated to a former Wendy’s building on Evansville’s East Side, has a varied menu of Mexican and American specialties, plus hearty breakfast offerings that are served all day. Owner Jorge Melendres and his family say that freshness, as well as a commitment to the best possible service, keep Mele’s loyal customers coming back again and again.

Breakfast at Mele’s is offered all day, and a creative offering from that part of the menu is the funnel cake breakfast. The sampler of funnel cake-like pastry is drizzled in syrup and powdered sugar and accompanied by eggs and a piece of breakfast meat.

“They think they’ll get the same thing they get at a carnival, but no, there’s a huge difference in flavor,” owner Jorge Melendres says.

Mele’s doesn’t do anything halfway, and a perfect example is the diner’s take on chicken and waffles. Here, you don’t get thin, thawed chicken strips — these are juicy, deep-fried filets atop your waffle.

Melendres has owned Mele’s for five years, including three at its current location, a former Wendy’s. He says Mele’s has built its fan base by offering great service and great food that’s worth the wait.

“We always say it takes a little longer, but everything is fresh,” he says.

Cheesecake Chimichanga

What if you want your just desserts for breakfast? Melendres quickly recommends a cheesecake chimichanga that offers up a crunchy combination of tastes. It’s a colorful log on your plate that looks almost too attractive to eat.

“It’s so different, with so many flavors,” Melendres says.

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