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Soup’s On

When David Jones purchased Planters Café & Coffee Bar — formerly Planters Coffeehouse — five months ago, he says customers asked him two questions.

“They asked ‘Are you going to change the chicken salad?’ and ‘Are you keeping the potato soup?’” says Jones, who also is the president and director of marketing at Magnetic Image in Evansville.

Jones is the fourth owner in Planters’ 21-year history. The coffeehouse was opened in 1994 at 130 N. Main St. in Henderson, Kentucky, in the former Planters Bank building, which is where the business originally found its name. The Planters’ Loaded Potato Soup is served every Wednesday and is homemade from made-from-scratch chicken stock and other fresh ingredients. Topped with cheddar cheese and bacon bits, Jones says the soup is so popular because it is a good balance of “potatoes, cheesy, and creamy.”

“I think people like the part of it being made-from-scratch, too,” he says. “People come in and buy it by the bowls. It’s kind of a tradition.”

For more information about Planters Café & Coffee Bar, call 270-830-0927 or visit PlantersCoffeehouse.com.

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