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In our September/October 2012 issue of Evansville Living, we present three local filmmakers who used Evansville for their movie’s backdrop. Limiting the feature story to three creatives proved more difficult than imagined, as several other films have come out of the Tri-State. Here, check out those movies and read some “Off the Reel” tidbits about Evansville’s presence in the film industry.

The Accidental Missionary

Writer/Director: Chip Rossetti; Producers: Rossetti Productions, Echolight Studios, and Zingraff Motion Pictures; Starring: Jilanne Klaus, Seth Adair, Markus Porter, and Big Ed Caylor

When Hollywood bigwig DJ Miller sets off on a vacation in Spain, his supposed-to-be luxurious trip shows little signs of glamour when plans go terribly awry. Far away from home, Miller finds himself in the midst of a life-changing “missionary” trip in this faith-based, romantic comedy.

The former vice president, founder, and general manager of the Evansville IceMen Hockey Team, Rossetti has been busy writing and directing “The Accidental Missionary,” expected to come out in spring 2013. The movie was filmed primarily in the back woods of the Christian Fellowship Church in Evansville. Rossetti’s other work includes his 2012 movie “Fathers” and a 2006 methamphetamine documentary, titled “No More Sunsets: The Last Days of a Meth Addict.”

Learn more about "The Accidental Missionary" on their Facebook page.

War Grooms

Writer/Director: Mark Clem; Producers: Mark Clem, Tim Heerdink, and Jamie Little; Starring: Alex Nantz, Dayne Bogard, Kiley Eberhard, and Emily Pfister

A light-hearted, fictitious tale set during the last days of World War II, “War Grooms” follows the journey of a soldier who marries the older sister of his buddy’s girlfriend. Going through hard financial times, the young veteran hoped the arrangement would fix all of his burdens. He was wrong. Her family is dirt poor.

Still in production, “War Grooms” is being filmed in Indiana towns including Vincennes, Patoka, and Evansville, where auditions were held at Washington Square Mall this summer. Director, writer, and producer Mark Clem also has acted in other locally-filmed movies including “Fathers,” “Old Days,” and “Green River Road.”

Learn more about "War Grooms" at or on their Facebook page.

As promised, a few “Off the Reel” tidbits on the local film scene:

•  Kate Hudson’s breakout film, “Ricochet River,” was adapted to screenplay by local writer Patrick O’Connor, who directed Margaret McMullan’s (his wife) short story adaptation of “Sacred Hearts,” which was filmed in Evansville in 1995.

•  Lori Lynn Rosas, with Evansville-based Crew and Talent Network, was Kate Winslet’s stand-in for “Titanic.” She also was the Indiana casting director for Michael Rosenbaum’s “Old Days.”

•  Evansville native Patrick Higgs, an aspiring actor living in Hollywood, will appear on the premiere episode (Sept. 15) of CMT’s new reality show “Redneck Rehab,” which, with the guidance of friends and family, helps former rednecks get back in touch with their country roots.

•  Of the 82-member cast and crew of “Old Days,” 46 were Southwestern Indiana natives, including executive producer Jeff Trockman.

•  There were 46 speaking parts in “The Book of Dallas,” written, directed, and produced by local filmmaker Joe Atkinson.

•  Production of “Green River Road,” written and directed by Evansville native Louis Iaccarino, cost $30,000.

On Nov. 3, the River City Film Festival in Owensboro, Ky., brings a talented lineup of local film stars. For more information on this event, visit
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