Summer’s Last Days

Along with the interlude to summer that came in late August — when temperatures normally soar, we were treated to several days of mid 70s and low humidity — my aunt Maddie (Madeline), uncle Doug (Nelson Douglas), and cousin Dennis from Des Moines, Iowa, visited. They made the 525-mile trip like our families did many summers in the 47 years since we moved from Iowa to my father’s hometown of Evansville.

It was great to see them; they always have enjoyed Evansville. My mother’s family is small, and my sisters and I are my uncle’s only close relatives. My aunt Maddie brought me a large, sturdy running shoe box completely filled with gorgeous Iowa tomatoes. This trip was planned for the right time! “Midgorden Tomatoes” (their surname) are eagerly anticipated by their friends and neighbors just as we await the arrival of our distinctive southern Indiana tomatoes. How do they compare? I can tell you both make great BLTs, my favorite way of enjoying a ripe tomato. If we’ve run through yet another package of bacon, I also can vouch for the tomato sandwich for both Iowa and Indiana tomatoes. Any bread will do (southern sticklers insist on white bread), a thick ripe tomato slice, salt and pepper, and a smear of mayonnaise — a perfect treat on these waning summer days.

This issue of Evansville Living celebrates these last days of summer and looks forward to the crisp days of fall. For the ultimate inspiration for next year’s garden, stroll through Dr. Otto and Jayne Susec’s backyard paradise (Living in Paradise,” page 60). While the allée of honey locust trees lining the drive sets the tone of the Warrick County home, the greatest surprise is behind the house where Dr. Susec annually transforms the pool deck and backyard into a stunning tropical oasis.

Our team really enjoyed meeting the makers we introduce in this issue. For some time we have talked about featuring makers and the time is now. Never before have there been so many supremely talented people crafting things we can buy and use in our daily lives — rugs, knives, soap, jewelry, bowls, wallets, and furniture, to name just a few of the cool, expertly made products available here. We invite you, too, to Meet Your Makers (page 43).

As always, I look forward to hearing from you.

Kristen K. Tucker
Publisher & Editor

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