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With the dropping temperatures and changing leaves over the next few months, something wicked this way comes — the second annual Haunted Historic Evansville tour.

We shared some of the stories from last year’s tour in the September/October 2017 cover feature “Haunted History,” but we weren’t the only ones who had spooky tales to share. Cole Claybourn commented on a post on our Instagram (@evansvilleliving) of the Sherwood Home saying, “This is my new house! We just moved into the ‘abandoned third floor!’”

Carla Khouri reached out as well to let us know she used to live in the Sherwood Home and experienced spooky occurrences while there. We also heard from Donna Russell, the Pewee Valley, Kentucky, historian, who has extensively researched the life of Annie Fellows Johnston, commonly believed to haunt Penny Lane, and had her own theories about the coffee shop’s ghost.

Rachel Wambach, the committee chair for Haunted Historic Evansville, says Russell isn’t alone in her theories about Penny Lane, and they currently are exploring the location and story more to enhance the tours in years to come.

“We’re trying to do that every year to keep it fresh and lively,” she says. “We find out new stuff every year.”

This year, two new stories have been added to the Riverside route — one a historical story and the other a wild ghost tale. Another change tour-goers will notice is Benjamin Bosse’s character, one of many played by actors from the Evansville Civic Theatre, won’t be on the Riverside route but will stay in front of his house on the Haynie’s Corner tour.

“My favorite thing I’m looking forward to is more spookiness,” says Wambach. “It’s a fun family thing. You get to experience history and have a good Halloween time.”

Tours are from 6:30-9:30 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 26 and Saturday, Oct. 27. Tickets can be purchased at

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