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Sweet as Pie

When Bobbie Weatherford was a young girl, she would watch in awe as her grandmother concocted her own special homemade versions of southern-style desserts to sweet perfection — without even measuring any of the ingredients.

With their grandma’s handwritten recipe book in hand, Bobbie and her sister Roxanne carry on “Grannie’s” home-cooking legacy. The siblings bake side-by-side at Grannie’s Secret Homemade Desserts, located at 1701 Oak Hill Road, near the East Morgan Avenue and Oak Hill Road intersection.

“Roxanne specializes in pies, and I specialize in cakes,” notes Bobbie, adding that “Grannie,” who passed away in 1976, is there in spirit. “We still have her Dormeyer mixer here in a display case.”

The sweet shop serves up a variety of homemade pies, cakes, cobblers, and its newest offering — cookies. Pies include its signature southern classic, chess pie, as well as pumpkin, pecan, sweet potato, and cream pies — from banana and coconut to chocolate.

Cakes include the customer-favorite caramel as well as chocolate, lemon, carrot, and rum. Apple, peach, cherry, and blackberry cobblers also are available, as well as additional specialty desserts upon request, such as bread pudding, coconut cake, and German chocolate cake.

While the sisters follow their grandma’s tried-and-true recipes to prepare the desserts, Bobbie says there’s an intangible secret ingredient.

“It’s the love we put into our desserts that give them that personal touch,” she says.

The bakery will celebrate three years in business with a Customer Appreciation Day Nov. 4, when people can sample desserts and place their holiday orders.

“We prefer to bake to order,” says Bobbie. “We want you to get it fresh, and we want to bake it especially for you.”

Every time a baked good goes out the door, the sisters hope it exceeds customers’ expectations.

“Grannie’s has big shoes to fill,” says Bobbie. “So when we get repeat customers, it’s a real brow-wiping moment.”

For more information on Grannie’s Secret Homemade Desserts, call 812-437-5757 or visit facebook.com/Grannies.

FROM SCRATCH Sisters Roxanne and Bobbie Weatherford carry on their grandmother’s baking tradition through the sweet shop Grannie’s Secret Homemade Desserts. The pair follows “Grannie’s” unfailing recipes to make desserts like pies, cakes, cobblers, and cookies.
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