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Donnie Mays doesn’t like to bake the same thing twice.

The real estate assistant from Evansville found a hobby in baking two years ago when he wanted to try macarons but could not find them. So, he decided to make them on his own, teaching himself how to bake the treats. Since then, Mays works in his kitchen on vintage sweet recipes and crafting new desserts to try.

“I love a challenge. I find myself doing some sort of baking every day,” he says. “I like vintage recipes the best and I definitely like to make my food look pretty. People eat with their eyes.”

Cookies are on the top of Mays’ list of favorite bakery goods, and he says he doesn’t discriminate on flavors or types. Many creations are just for his husband Ryan Van Laningham and friends as he likes to keep his baking a hobby. What he enjoys the most is being able to create something new each time he is in the kitchen.

“The first time is my favorite time with a recipe,” he says. “You definitely have to have patience. Sometimes things will turn out a little different — the different tweak you make in the process of putting together a recipe can have a totally different outcome.”

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