Pretty in Pink

The old-fashioned feel of The Dairiette at 711 Atkinson St. in Henderson, Kentucky, doesn’t stop at the vintage pink walk-up exterior. The thin and crispy burgers, giant tenderloins, crinkle-cut fries, and ice cream also stoke nostalgia, especially for owner Alisa Sugg.

“We retired from our trucking business, and I’d been wanting to do this for several years — a burger place,” says Sugg. “This was actually my first job as a teenager, this place was.”

After purchasing the location in April 2019, Sugg expanded the ice cream options to include extreme milkshakes, extreme sundaes, traditional milkshakes, and banana splits year-round at the walk-up window or in the drive-thru. A popular savory choice is the Juicy Lucy, a cheese-stuffed burger.

“People were eating out here at Christmastime,” says Sugg. “There were people out here with blankets eating ice cream. Whenever you’re a dedicated customer and you like the food, you’re going to come and get it.”

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