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Take It Outside

It’s time to move your living room outside.

Scott Baker, owner of Ahead of the Rest Patio Furnishings, Inc. says he’s seeing Evansville residents focus on creating comfortable, stylish, and functional outdoor living spaces. Baker assists customers in choosing the right furniture to complete their vision.

Some of his most popular pieces are the fire pit coffee tables, which Ahead of the Rest has in stock year-round. The patio furnishings company offers several variations of the coffee tables, such as the 54-inch Round Chat Height Classico Fire Pit.

“All of our furniture is premium and unique that you can’t get in other places,” says Baker, who opened his Ahead of the Rest store location at 1108-A Parrett St. in Haynie’s Corner Arts District in July 2015. “This furniture is heavy, and the kind you would hand down from generation to generation. Coffee tables are a staple as people’s outdoors are becoming outdoor living spaces.”

The 54-inch Round Chat Height Classico Fire Pit has a solid wrought iron base with an intricate cast aluminum hearth top. Four people can sit comfortably around the table, which operates on liquid propane or hooked up to natural gas. The base of the table is a lattice style and includes a latching door that hides and secures the propane tank.
The porcelain top is smooth for glasses and plates, and features a 24-inch-round stainless steel burner, which includes lava granules. Cast iron feet protect the frame of the table. Customers can choose from 12 porcelain tile options. The price ranges from $2,600 to $3,500.

In addition to fire pit coffee tables, Ahead of the Rest offers patio furniture, smoker pizza ovens, spices, grills, pillows, and more.

“I want to figure out what you want and what you are looking into for your outdoor living space and then I make suggestions,” says Baker.

For more information about Ahead of the Rest Patio Furnishings, Inc., call 812-909-4616 or visit aheadoftherestpatio.com.

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