Taking A Shot

With a demanding job that involves lots of travel, Todd Veeck wanted a solution for his jet lag.

“I’m a private investigator and a military contractor, so I was constantly going all over the U.S.,” he says. “I would basically have to hit the ground running, so what I would do is I would find an IV therapy place as soon as I landed.”

IV therapy has risen in popularity in the last few years, especially in bigger cities like Las Vegas and Nashville. Todd and his wife Abby, along with partners Rick Wallis and emergency medicine physician Dr. James Spiller, decided to open their own wellness clinic, IV Therapy Solutions at 206 N. First Ave., so people in the Evansville area had easy access to the treatment. While IV therapy has received attention as a cure for hangovers, Todd says it can treat much more, like migraines, dehydration, fatigue, acute asthma, muscle recovery, colds and flu, and other issues.

IV Therapy Solutions, which opened on Dec. 13, 2019, offers seven different IV treatments that focus on everything from hydration and muscle recovery to boosting immunity. All are given by licensed paramedics or registered nurses. A popular treatment is the Myers’ Cocktail for overall wellness, a combination of magnesium, B vitamins, calcium gluconate, and ascorbic acid created by Baltimore, Maryland-based Dr. John A. Myers prior to his death in 1984. If IVs aren’t for you, the clinic also offers shot injections of vitamin D and B12.

“It was one of those things, after getting them done and feeling so much better, if I started to get sick, I would get one done,” says Todd. “I would get a boost of energy or my cold would happen a lot faster.”

812-901-9555, ivtherapysolutions.net

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