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The Pie Plot

Nothing is sweeter than digging in to a giant slice of your favorite pie, so we gathered some of the nicest slices around town to make your dessert shopping easy as … well, you get the picture.

 1. Sweet Potato Pie 
Grannie’s Secret Homemade Dessert. 1701 Oak Hill Road, 812-437-5757.

 2. Apple Pie 
Sweet Bettys Bakery. 5600 E. Virginia St., Ste. E, 812-402-3889.

 3. Key Lime Pie 
Piece of Cake. 210 Main St., 812-424-2253.

 4. Coconut Meringue 
The Cross-Eyed Cricket. 2101 W. Lloyd Expressway, 812-422-6464.

 5. Signature “Be Happy” cherry Pie 
Be Happy Pie Company. 2818 B Mount Vernon Ave., 812-449-7718.

 6. German Chocolate Pie 
Pie Pan. 905 N. Park Drive, 812-425-2261.

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