Trust the Axe-perts

Kyle Rickenbaugh and Adam James had never visited an axe-throwing facility before wanting to open Plaid & Timber Axe Throwing Company. After seeing the activity become popular across the country, the duo opened their own business in Evansville at 2710 Eastside Park Road in November last year.

Before visiting Plaid & Timber, I had only tried axe throwing once. But the experience was enough to make me want to try again.

I assumed it would be a self-explanatory process, but I learned there is a lot of technique in throwing a sharp object at a wooden target and getting it to stick exactly where you want it. To make it more enjoyable, Plaid & Timber’s staff of “axe-perts” guide you through the process.

“We’ll walk you through some safety training and instruction, we’ll show you a couple different ways to throw the axe, maybe show you a couple things of what not to do,” says James. “Then after your training session is over, you get a full hour to throw.”

The facility features multiple throwing lanes, with up to six people at each. The targets are labeled with point values and a list of game variations is available at each station.

Groups should make a reservation, wear close-toed shoes, and not bring any outside beverages. Non-alcoholic drinks are available for purchase, and Rickenbaugh and James plan to obtain a liquor license in the future. Outside food, however, is encouraged.

With Rickenbaugh’s and James’ help and after many attempts, I managed to hit the bullseye. One thing I didn’t need coaching on — knowing to quit while I was ahead.

“It can be intimidating when you’re standing around a bunch of people you don’t know throwing sharp objects,” says Rickenbaugh. “But commit to it, don’t be afraid, and you’ll be fine.”

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