Way to Dough

When Milk & Sugar Scoop Shoppe moved down a few doors from its previous location on West Franklin Street to 2027 W. Franklin St. in November last year, the new address wasn’t the only change to the sweet shop. They also added to their menu, offering scoops of edible cookie dough.

“Cookie dough ice cream was one of our most popular flavors, so we thought maybe the cookie dough might work here,” says owner Alisha Didia.

The edible cookie dough is egg free and contains heat-treated flour, making it safe for consumption without baking. The scoops are served up just like ice cream, either in a homemade waffle cone or cup, and feature different rotating flavors like chocolate chip, Oreo, red velvet, snickerdoodle, birthday cake, and coconut macaroon.

Many people can’t finish a full scoop of the cookie dough, says Didia, since it is even sweeter than the shop’s ice cream. Customers can take cookie dough to go, though, and even bake it if they prefer traditional cookies to dough. The treat has been a hit since it was introduced, and there are plans to add even more new items to the menu in the future.

“It’s exciting because I feel like I thought from the beginning it would be good, but it’s a little bit scary when you make the investment,” says Didia. “You hope everybody is going to be receptive to it, and we’ve been really lucky that everyone has loved it.”

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