Work Hard, Play Hard

Before starting a business together, Drew Shockley and Josh Mushlock fostered their friendship over the game of golf.

When the golf lovers moved their health insurance company Crosspointe Insurance Advisors Downtown in The Walker Buidling, the site of the former Welborn Baptist Hospital, in the fall of 2013, they brought that theme with them. Not only did they install a putting hole in each of their offices, they built a putting green out back.

The two co-founded Crosspointe Insurance in 2008 and had what Mushlock calls a “vanilla” office space on the East Side. The move to the heart of the city was not only to help accommodate the company’s West Side and Henderson, Kentucky, customers, but also to play a role in revitalizing Downtown.

They decided to go with a modern interior aesthetic with metal ceilings and exposed air ducts, large glass-paneled walls, dramatic lighting fixtures, and bold pops of color throughout to break up the sleek white gathering spaces.

“Insurance is typically a classic industry,” says Shockley. “We are, and our company is, young, and the environment just kind of matches where we are right now.”

The design reflects two of the qualities the company prides itself on — innovative and technology-driven.

Several walls have been coated in chalkboard paint and the glass-paneled walls in offices double as dry-erase boards, allowing the office space to become a functional part of the team’s workflow. “It does have an industrial feel to it, but it also serves a purpose,” says Mushlock. “And that always marries together nice.”

Four large flat-screen TVs come together to form one screen in the primary gathering area.

Team members can step out back next to the putting green and play on the basketball court. For a more reserved stress reliever, a table tennis court overlooks the green space.

“We definitively have a work hard, play hard mentality, and that’s something we wanted to reflect in our space,” says Shockley.

The two believe that an office space has the ability to tell a client a story before an employee can open their mouth. “Clients get to see who you are before you even get to tell them,” says Mushlock.

A primary example comes from his office, where a wall is adorned with several different types of guitars. A music lover, Mushlock has a band and plays guitar at his church.

The purpose of the office space is to not only create and foster a team-focused aspect among its workers, but also to be an inviting place that clients get excited about visiting.

For more information about Crosspointe Insurance, call 812-401-7556 or visit

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