Zesto: Pork Tenderloin

When you bite into a pork tenderloin at the Zesto Drive-In (102 W. Franklin St.), any chance you had at a healthy meal vanishes when the mayonnaise-covered shredded lettuce plops off the sandwich and onto your lap. But, what the sandwich lacks in health, it makes up for in size, taste, and price—just $3.19

The tenderloin – a boneless, tender slice of lean meat – comes in two sizes at Zesto: the regular and the giant.The latter is nearly as large as your face. The Zesto staff prepares it deep-fried and breaded and pours on enough mayonnaise appropriate for five sandwiches. The lettuce soaks up the thick mayo dressing, and the bun completes the package. If you’re not in the mood for tenderloin, other (cheap) delicious eats fill the wide-ranging Zesto menu.

The $1.95 jumbo hot dog, the $1.65 grilled cheese on Texas toast, and the $3.49 Big “Z”– a double quarter-pound hamburger served with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, and American cheese on Texas toast – highlight a menu loaded with items that rarely exceed $4.

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