A Cincinnati Cheer

The Cincinnati Bengals did not have the best NFL season last year. They had two talented wide receivers, whom sports writers loved to call divas, yet the professional football team floundered, which caused the fan base to shout the team slogan “Who dey?” much less. “Who dey?” comes from the Bengals’ successful seasons in the 1980s. The rowdier fans are in Paul Brown Stadium, the more likely the opposing fans are to hear “Who dey?”

The noise pulsates off Queen City’s hills such as Mount Adams, a tightly packed neighborhood with an abundance of nightlife east of downtown. The Blind Lemon Cafe is one such establishment in Mount Adams where acoustically talented musicians pluck six-strings while couples in their 30s and 40s sip complex cocktails. As perfect as that ambiance is for a romantic weekend getaway, Cincinnati’s tourist attractions also fit into the daytrip category. (The drive takes three hours and requires three interstates.)

The Bengals team is a reason to visit, especially during a surprisingly good start to the current season under the leadership of a promising rookie quarterback and wide receiver. Next to the stadium is a different development full of potential: The Banks, an 18-acre mixed-use area under construction. When complete, The Banks will be a downtown destination. So far, developers have announced nine entertainment attractions such as The Holy Grail, a bar which opened in March; Johnny Rocket’s, the 1950s hamburger chain which opened in October; and the Tin Roof, a Nashville-based live music venue. These businesses will mix with 3 million square feet of residential space alongside hotels, retail centers, and a 45-acre park.

Critics of the Cincinnati riverfront long have complained about slow development, especially when compared to the skylines across the water in Newport and Convington, Ky. Check out the ultra modern condo building, The Ascent at Roebling’s Bridge, for award-winning architecturally appealing proof. Yet, The Banks is the counter evidence that great projects take time, and progress happens at any speed.

For more information, visit www.thebankscincy.com.

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