A Sundae Treat

A celebration isn’t needed to dive into the ice cream scooped up at Lic’s Deli & Ice Cream. But in case you have something to celebrate, the local shop has the perfect treat.

The Celebration Sundae was introduced by the staff last year and doesn’t skip on the sweets, says Lic’s Director of Marketing Kara Combs.

“All of us together came up with the idea. We just thought a giant sundae for birthdays, anniversaries, and events would be fun,” she says. “We’ve been shocked how many people take them to go.”

The sundae starts with five dips of ice cream — vanilla bean, chocolate, cotton candy, chocolate cherry, and Oreo cookie (though customers can get any five flavors they wish). The scoops are then topped with M&Ms and Oreos, chocolate chip and iced sugar cookies, and a banana. The sundae is then drizzled with chocolate and caramel, finished with homemade whipped cream, topped with a choco-creme, and includes a lollipop.

And to add to your celebration, the sundae also comes with a pair of novelty sunglasses.

“Because why not? It’s a celebration sundae!” says Combs.

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