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The days of delivery limited to pizza are long gone. Food from about any local restaurant from steak to sushi or items from convenience and grocery stores can now be delivered right to your door. There are several different options for delivery in Evansville. Here we examine two ways through McSwifty Delivery and Dine-In Delivery.

McSwifty Delivery

The idea came to Chris Robertson when he and a friend, after a few too many adult beverages, found themselves wanting food at 3 a.m.

 “Neither one of us wanted to drive, so we started looking for places that would deliver that late. But there just aren’t any.

“So find a need fill a need, right?” says the 38-year-old former Jimmy John’s manager.

Robertson of Evansville soon thereafter launched McSwifty Delivery, but he didn’t limit himself or his growing number of regular clients to just food. He will bring you anything you want, 19 hours a day, anywhere within city limits for just $8.

Robertson says he will deliver pizza, burgers, or more up-scale food from just about any local restaurant as well as items like cigarettes and soda from convenience and grocery stores. He also has helped local residents load moving trucks and even delivered furniture for thrift stores.

For more information, contact McSwifty Delivery between 9 a.m. and 4 a.m. at 812-227-3018 or visit

Dine-In Delivery

Brian Adcock of Evansville thought food delivery should include more than just pizza, so in 2007 he decided to do something about it.

“The idea just came to me,” he says. “I was single, living in an apartment, and tired of having pizza every night. I kept going out and picking up carry out from steak establishments and thought, ‘Why can’t I just have this steak delivered to me?’”

So he started his own business, Dine-In Delivery, and has since formed partnerships with more than a dozen local restaurants, everything ranging from steak to sushi. He printed up more than 22,000 menu guides, launched his own website and now has a growing number of local clients.

Any delivery within Evansville city limits costs $5.50. The charge goes up depending on how far outside Evansville the potential client lives, he says.

For more information about Dine-In Delivery, call 812-491-7750 or visit

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