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There’s no better way to add zest to your cooking than with spices and herbs. Using these tasty ingredients can enhance any dish and step up your culinary prowess. Here are a few flavors to add to take your meal to the next level. They may besmall, but they pack a punch.

A cousin of caraway, this green spice is actually an herb. It will add a mild flavor to omelets and dips, but should be added after cooking to not lose its essence.

Ground Ginger:
Ginger, which comes from the root, is popular in Asian cuisine. Lemony with a little heat, ginger goes well with roasted pork and adds depth to cookies and pastries.

The stunning yellow-orange spice has close ties to ginger. The woody aroma with a warm, pungent taste makes for tasty curries, pilafs, and lentil dishes.

Ground from Capsicum chili peppers, paprika is surprisingly sweet and sharp, making delicious deviled eggs and meat rubs.

Mustard Seed:
Mustard seed brings the heat. The spice adds a little heat to any pickling project or can be fried with curry and cumin for an Indian flair.

Peppercorn Melange:
This peppercorn mix is a feast for the eyes and mouth contrasting the colors of sweet pink with the color combination of spicy black, green, and white. It is best added to steaks and roasted vegetables.

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