Brisk Boiling

A watched pot never boils.

The Ferguson In-Sink-Erator FHC3300 hot water dispenser ensures you won’t be a pot watcher. It dispenses near boiling hot water at your command so you can enjoy your tea, pasta al dente, blanched vegetables, rehydrated dried foods, and more without hovering over the stove.

The hot water dispenser rests on the edge of your kitchen sink connected to a tank underneath and is designed to complement your faucet with artistic designs from traditional and transitional to modern and sleek. The designer finishes include satin or polished nickel, chrome and brushed chrome, mocha, oil rubbed bronze, and matte and gloss black.

Holding two thirds of a gallon and heating water to 200 degrees, the In-Sink-Erator also can dispense cool, filtered water for drinking and cooking.

The dispenser is available at Ferguson Showroom at 6620 Interchange Road for $498 with the coinciding tank running at $377.

For more information on Ferguson In-Sink-Erator hot water dispensers, call 812-473-1721 or visit

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