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Chop Shop

There’s never a stranger who walks through the door of New Boston Tavern. Owner Rick Fortwendel knows all his patrons — if not by name, then he does remember the face.

“People love that we’re a smaller place, love our atmosphere, and the fellowship,” he says.

The tavern sits along Indiana 545 just north of Troy, Indiana, and has operated since the mid 1800s, opening its doors to local farmers and travelers to come in for a drink or a good home-cooked meal. Today, the tradition still stands — along with the camaraderie, a three-page fold out menu offers up a variety ranging from breakfasts and lunches to seafood and traditional entrées.

After 24 years behind the bar and in the kitchen of the restaurant, Rick and his wife Barb are known for their one-inch-thick grilled pork chops and crispy fried chicken — even patrons from Evansville make the hour trek to the tavern for a taste of their grilled and fried specialties.

“They are pretty popular,” says Rick. “We grill and fry (in bulk) every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. People call in and put in their orders; and we’ll do up to 100 pounds of pork chops a week.”

New Boston Tavern
11886 N. State Road 545, Troy, IN • 812-547-5539

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