Trendy Tacos

It seems Evansville can’t shake its craving for street tacos. With authentic, Mexican-style taquerias popping up all over the city, there is a lot to taco-bout in the area’s food scene.

El Paisano Grocery and Taqueria

225 S. Green River Road, 812-602-3536

El Paisano Grocery and Taqueria specializes in meat, with a meat market and Mexican butcher at the back of the store and specialty street tacos from lengua (tongue) to carnitas (pork).

Uriel Cordoba, whose family opened the grocery, butcher, and restaurant earlier this year, says the street tacos are one of the most popular items. The steak tacos are the most requested, which Cordoba attributes to the seasoning used on the meat.

“We get the seasoning from a friend in Mexico,” he says. “It’s a family secret.”

The Taqueria Company

800 N. Green River Road (Eastland Mall), 812-297-0258

Adrian Gonzalez opened The Taqueria Company almost a year ago because he says it is the perfect time for authentic Mexican food in Evansville.

The Taqueira Company’s specialty is the street tacos, which come with fresh, house-made corn tortillas. Some of the most popular options are al pastor, steak, and barbacoa, and Gonzalez says all of the meat is steamed and grilled for a healthier and fresher flavor.

“My point is giving Evansville the real Mexican flavor — not Tex-Mex — the real flavor,” says Gonzalez. 

Tres Reynas

920 Main St., 812-550-1451

Tres Reynas owners Marcos Leon and Susanti and Miguel Castro didn’t just want to highlight traditional Mexican cuisine at their newly opened restaurant. Their menu features dishes from across Central and Latin America, like the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, El Salvador, and Colombia.

The street tacos already are a favorite with meat options not found anywhere else in the area, like chicharrón (fried pork rinds).

“I don’t want it to be the same like the others,” says Leon. “American people need to try different flavors.” 

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