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Evansville Living’s Idea Home 2020 is bringing a breath of fresh California air to the area. As work on the property continues, the vision for the interior design of the home is coming together with the help of Hirsch Custom Homes’ design team, Carol Huffman and Izzy Shappard.

Throughout the home, all details and elements will keep with a clean, coastal California feel. The cabinetry, trim, and crown molding, which currently are being installed in the home, all are sleek and modern. Huffman says all the window and door trim was custom milled to create a clean profile throughout the house. While the homeowners and team at Hirsch aren’t quite ready to begin picking out furnishings for the interior, they still are making sure the construction and inside details fit with the final vision of the modern house.

“Our concentration right now has been strictly on the things that are part of the home itself — cabinetry, light fixtures, trim, moldings, and things like that,” says Huffman. “We’re keeping with that cleaner profile on most everything we’re doing inside. The cabinetry is very sleek; the crown mold is very squared off. It’s very clean-edged, and it doesn’t have much in the way of fancy moldings like we are typically used to in southern Indiana.”

Flooring has also been installed, including luxury vinyl plank throughout the main floor in a seaside washed oak and a light gray pine in the basement.

“It would be very reminiscent of what you would see along the coast of California or perhaps like colors you would see on the coastline of the Atlantic,” says Huffman. “I like the fact we’re doing something that is not typical in our area.”

The next task is choosing and installing the light fixtures. While it still is early to decide on the home’s furnishings, Huffman says they will fit in with the neutral palette and contemporary design of the house to create a California oasis here in southern Indiana.

“The homeowners and Hirsch are so happy to be involved in what we anticipate being a major fundraiser for Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Ohio Valley and being able to share that with the community,” says Huffman.

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