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Knob Hill Tavern’s Oktoberfest menu features German cuisine.

Oktoberfest celebrations traditionally end the first weekend of October, but you can find festive German cuisine at Knob Hill Tavern, 1016 IN-662 W., Newburgh, Indiana, starting Oct. 2 through the end of the month. Here are five German-related menu items to try.

Kraut Balls
Craving one of these breaded spheres filled with cream cheese, kraut, and spices after the West Side Nut Club Fall Festival closes up shop? Knob Hill serves them all year. “It’s a popular item. We’ve been doing them for more than 12 years,” says owner Karson Kollker, whose family has owned Knob Hill Tavern since 1991.

Similar to Wienerschnitzel, this popular breaded pork loin is “in the fried tenderloin wheelhouse,” Kollker says, and served with mushroom gravy. “The mush-room gravy is what sets it apart.”

Oktoberfest Pizza
Knob Hill also has an Oktoberfest pizza “with all the usual suspects,” Kollker says. A homemade crust is piled high with Thousand Island dressing, sauerkraut, caraway seeds, and mozzarella cheese. “It’s like a Reuben,” he adds.

Expect German beer on tap, including Oktoberfest beers, lagers, and pilsners. “They go quickly,” Kollker says. “Spaten Oktoberfest” — a Märzen from Munich, Germany — “that one I can almost guarantee at some point I’ll have a keg of.”

Appetizer Plate
If you’d prefer a snack with your Spaten, opt for an appetizer plate of sommerwurst, braunschweiger, or bologna paired with crackers, pepper cheese, and kraut salad.

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Maggie Valenti
Maggie Valenti
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