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August / September 2016

Evansville Business


We have a question for you. How much time would you say your smartphone takes from you? Ten percent of your day? Fifty? Eighty? Those hand-held computers you put in your pocket or purse have become such a norm in

Back Talk

Sue Ellspermann

Hometown: Ferdinand, Indiana Job: President of Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana Resume: Lieutenant Governor of Indiana, 2013-2016 Indiana House of Representatives, 2010-2012 Family: Husband Jim Mehling; daughters Lauren and Kara; stepdaughters Laura and Grace; grandchildren Landon, 4, Rhett, 2,

Business Front


I have written many times in this column about youth sports, which is something very important to me. Judging by the reaction of both of my faithful column readers, it is important to some of you as well. After retiring

No-Parking Zone

When I changed careers and moved into the second floor of the Old Post Office in 2000, our offices overlooked the old Kenny Kent building bounded by Vine, Sycamore, Second, and Third streets. A building often used by the homeless,

Glorious Glass

Rick Beheler stands over a table covered by a sheet of paper on which he has hand-drawn several shapes. At first glance, the shapes appear to be part of a large puzzle. Beheler carefully scores and breaks pieces of glass

Brace Yourself

Orthodontist Dr. Tony Wells works inside a dodecagon with the aesthetics of a mineshaft, but don’t be fooled. He only unearths perfect smiles. The West Side office of Wells Orthodontics relocated in mid-May to 2222 W. Franklin St. Since 2005,

Family Affair

A glimpse of Kristy Wintner’s cell phone would likely show a recent call to “The Mistress.” Kristy’s husband Chris spends 11 to 12 hours a day, six days a week with The Mistress. She says The Mistress has brought out

The Art of Neighboring

Early in 2013 when Jennifer Cooke stepped into the position of community mobilizer for Jacobsville Join In (JJI), she was given a laptop, cellphone, and a few weeks to talk to 50 people in the neighborhood to compile a community

City Champion

 In the late 1950s and early 60s, Erich Brenn graced the stage of The Ed Sullivan Show with his act of spinning plates. Using thin wooden poles, the Austrian would set the tableware spinning, working to keep them aloft while

Groundwork for Success

When University of Evansville adjunct professor Mindy Sagez visits Starbucks for a coffee fix, she knows she will meet the same familiar aroma of roasted coffee beans wafting through the air. She knows the same branding and logo will emblazon

One-Stop Shop

 A rare fifth-generation business owner, Evansville Electrical and Mechanical Services Company, Inc. (EEMSCO) vice president Tom Mathias is proud to carry on a longtime family tradition. Since taking leadership from his father John Mathias in June 2015, Tom focuses on