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Hidden Evansville

Every city has its hidden spots — artifacts, historic landmarks, little-known events, and secret food items that make up the fabric of a town. Evansville is teeming with special spots, items of history, and quirky bits, and we’ve strayed from the

Food for Thought

Ask an Evansville resident what foods make them think of home and one dish prevails — the tenderloin. A quick Wikipedia search of “pork tenderloin sandwich” specifically calls out Hoosiers’ love of the dish — “popular in the Midwest region of

Summit of Success

Emily Nejad (Chicago) A graduate of Signature School, Nejad has made a name for herself with her colorful confections at her bakery, Bon Vivant Cakes. “If I were to make a cake in tribute for Evansville, here’s what I know —

Sisterhood of Cities

River City residents dug into their heritage and brushed up their foreign language skills last summer as they welcomed a delegation from Evansville’s sister city Osnabrück, Germany. The group of 18 people included the city’s Lord Mayor Wolfgang Griesert and

Building Blocks

 East Side — The Promenade of Evansville continues to grow on Evansville’s East Side with its most recent addition of the grocery chain Fresh Thyme Farmers Market in January. The development also will welcome retailer Costco within the year.  West Side —

High Marks

Evansville is home to many high schools — both public and private — that educate, coach, and guide thousands of students. To help celebrate the success of Evansville’s high schools in 2017, we’ve gathered the highlights to showcase the accomplishments of our

Interview Evansville

Joshua Claybourn Evansville is far more unique and has far more character than many natives realize or admit to themselves,” says Claybourn. One example is the EMERGING COFFEE CULTURE. At the start of the day, Claybourn says Penny Lane in Downtown

Moving Forward

A photo of a young boy with a shovel of dirt is displayed in the lobby at the Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana (TMMI) plant in Princeton, Indiana. It depicts the 1996 groundbreaking of the automotive assembly plant, where local elementary