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February / March 2018

Evansville Business

Cracking the Code

Matt McBride stands in the drive-thru of the Pizza Hut on the West Side of Evansville with a pry bar in his hand. The two manhole-type covers in the ground usually would go unnoticed by the average passerby; but, as

Building Evansville

Turning the Corner

 On an unusually warm day in late January, stepping into the Alhambra Theatre located in Haynie’s Corner Arts District is akin to stepping into an air-conditioned hall. “It’s about 20 degrees cooler,” warns Ken Haynie III, vice president of sales

Back Talk

Amy Romain Barron

EDUCATION: Bachelor’s degree in public management, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana FAMILY: Husband Josh and three children, Caroline, 11; Ellie, 8; and Lila, 5 In her position as Vice President of United Companies, Amy Romain Barron has made a career out

Business Front

What Exactly is an “Oxy” Anyway?

 If your time and patience permits, please allow me to empty some of the vast areas of unused crevices of my mind (heavy cleaning, not a dusting) to be, well, all over the board. Have a conversation with me sometime.

A Step Above the Rest

Brian Mackey has spent his entire life living, working, and playing in Evansville. His lifelong commitment to the community, years of experience in the flooring business, and special connections he has made all add to the success BK Flooring has

Second in Command

Deputy mayor Steve Schaefer is no stranger to the Tri-State. A Mater Dei High School alumnus who holds a master’s degree from the University of Southern Indiana (Schaefer earned his bachelor’s degree from Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana), he knows the

Priming the Pump

Drivers in Downtown Evansville no longer have to go far to top off their tanks. In October 2017, a new Marathon gas station opened at the corner of Eighth Street and Bellemeade Avenue. “I like the location here,” says owner

In a Word: Change

We asked three community influencers to share their thoughts on one word: CHANGE ABIGAIL WERLING “When I think of change, the word ‘possibility’ instantly comes to mind. With calculated and thoughtful change, possibility exists. That kind of change opens the