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July / August 2008

Evansville Living

Bull Island

It’s not that photographer Sonny Brown had never seen a naked woman at the time he shot one standing near the banks of the Wabash River in the summer of 1972. It’s just that he’d never seen one looking so serene in the midst of the kind of chaos unfolding in front of his camera lens. It was Labor Day weekend of 1972, and he was standing in a sea of dope-smoking, music-loving, long-haired hippies gathered on a remote patch of farmland for an event touted as the Woodstock of the Midwest.

A Love Story

Bear with me. This is a story of hope, but I have to be honest. Once or twice a day I just want to punch something. The anger rises as the reality hits me again: my wife, Ann, has incurable cancer. I used to actually make a fist and raise it. I don’t anymore. Anger isn’t productive. It’s still there, but I don’t let it rule me.


If the Shoe Fits

Considering running the Evansville Half Marathon this October? Now’s the time to get ready for the event. Essential to your success, whether you’re at the head of the pack or bringing up the rear is a good pair of running shoes. Finding the perfect pair is part science and part art, with a good dose of research thrown in. There is no one best pair of running shoes for everyone, say Graham and Rebecca Paxton, owners of Swift Athletics, an Evansville store that specializes in running shoes.

Al Perry

Whether he’s taking pictures of wildlife in the backyard of his McCutchanville home or exploring the Amazon rain forest to photograph bullet ants, Al Perry doesn’t leave home without his camera.