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June / July 2010


A Watchful Eye

Aloft over Henderson County in a small Cessna, John Blair points out the windows in each direction and out to the horizon, identifying the power plants visible from 3,000 feet. He locates nearly a dozen plants, including the Rockport Power Plant with one of the tallest stacks in the world (1,038 feet) and Gibson Station, operated by Duke Energy, 2008’s third largest power plant in the United States for generating capacity, according to Electric Light & Power magazine.

A Pulitzer Picture

On Feb. 10, 1977, a 30-year-old John Blair was called to Indianapolis by United Press International to cover Anthony Kiritsis’ kidnapping of Indianapolis mortgage executive Richard Hall. Kiritsis had fallen behind on mortgage payments on property he financed with Hall’s company, and Hall refused to extend payment terms.