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June / July 2012

Evansville Business

Engineered Evolution

Dave Patterson had only one job before he started working for FLANDERS, a North Side motor repair shop co-owned by his father, Roy Patterson. In high school, Patterson stacked field tile for his uncle’s concrete manufacturing company — enough to keep the soon-to-be engineering student at the University of Evansville busy. Originally intending to study mechanical engineering, Patterson was persuaded to go electrical. “I never regretted it,” says Patterson, who transitioned from graduation to a low-runged engineering position at FLANDERS stripping armatures.

Building Evansville

Building by Building

From satellite imagery of the entire globe to hundreds of 3-D cities throughout, Google Earth is taking on the world — literally. The virtual map and geographical information site was released in 2005, and has since become the go-to site for exploring nearly perfect digital depictions of towns, terrains, and planets worldwide and beyond. A mountainous goal of Google’s is to have a 3-D version of every building in existence. That’s what attracted Randall Crane’s interest.

Back Talk

Vicki Snyder

Job: Retiring principal and executive director of Signature School Hometown: Evansville Her Story: After more than 10 years as principal of Downtown’s Signature School, Vicki Snyder is ready to pass on the reigns. Retiring at the end of the 2011-2012 school year, the 2011 Rotary Civic Award winner is ready to enjoy some downtime after a tough, yet rewarding battle in creating Indiana’s first public charter high school.

Business Front

Miles to Go Before I Sleep

Well Aren’t I just Parent of the Year? For the first time ever, my boys (eighth grade and fourth grade) actually were able to attend the last day of school this year to witness the pent-up mayhem prior to summer vacation. Every other year this has been a travel day (13 hours!) to meet up with my cousin and his family in beautiful Pawleys Island, S.C., where he owns a home, for a long Memorial Day weekend family tradition.

The Daily Grind

Since he was 8 years old, Glenn Davidson, owner and designer of Killer Skate Park & Shop in Evansville, hasn’t stopped skateboarding. His childhood hobby led him into a life dedicated to bringing skaters together, supporting the community, and turning his dream into a job.

W G Who?

Don’t go looking for the 2012 football schedule for Western Governors University. There is no football team at WGU, or school mascot. There’s not even a campus or classrooms. While it may be ‘W G Who?’ to many people, it’s the college of choice for 30,000 students across the country who are now enrolled in the online, nonprofit institution.

App Attack

Smart phones have led to smart ways to do business, or, in some cases, to avoid it. Whether it’s an app for organizing your day, killing a few minutes before a meeting, or stargazing, there’s no doubt that our phones have given us an abundance of utility and entertainment. According to Michael Patzer, co-founder and lead developer of Orange Group Apps, 65 percent of all app downloads are games (such as Angry Birds and Draw Something), but there are plenty of innovative and applicable apps out there. Here, local businessmen and women share their go-to apps.

Into the Wild — in Style

There’s something nostalgic about planning a vacation that doesn’t involve hotel reservations, expensive dining, or long lines at airport security checkpoints. This summer, plan a trip that’s centralized around the vast outdoors, without fretting about leaving behind household luxuries and necessities. Whether it’s driving to a national park or to a secluded and rural campground, RVing is an ideal way to travel the open roads.

Beyond the Resume

Tucked behind the East Side’s Burlington Coat Factory off North Green River Road sits Reference Services, Inc., a company well-versed and nationally accredited for pre-employment background screenings. Their office buzzes with productivity, with phone lines open 24/7 for their extensive local and global clientele of manufacturers, churches, coal companies, universities, staffing agencies, school corporations, and many others.

Military Meets Main Street

Crane Naval Surface Warfare Center. Just the name stirs up images of shadowy characters from a Tom Clancy novel. NSWC-Crane is the third largest naval installation in the world, employing about 3,700 people in a sprawling facility that occupies nearly one-third of sparsely populated Martin County in Southwest Indiana. Crane is not a place where you walk right in with your camera and take a look around. After all, its focus is “harnessing the power of technology for the Warfighter.”

Who Connects You?

Entertainment comes at a cost. Whether consumers want 200 channels, digital video recording options, or great customer service, they choose the most accessible and reasonably priced cable or satellite service available to them. In the case of cable, households often are limited to one or two provider options.

A Force on Every Court

Being drafted into the WNBA doesn’t show up on many resumes. Reaching such an elite level of athleticism takes weeks, months, even years of continuous full-court drills, rigorous workouts, and unfaltering mental agility. In essence, being at the top takes a lot of hard work. For Kate Endress, giving 100 percent comes natural. “I definitely think part of being a hard worker is innate,” Endress says. “I think most of it is due to family and values that are instilled at a very young age; my entire family is a family of hard workers.”

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