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March/April 2023

Evansville Living

Repurposed Words

It can be difficult to get rid of a beloved book, even when downsizing or cleaning up. But even books whose words once brought joy, tears, laughter, or anger tend to lose their purpose over time. Through Upcycled Doodles, Jill

Enjoy Every Sandwich

Grammy award-winning rock singer, songwriter, and musician Warren Zevon had pointed advice for Hoosier native and television host David Letterman: “Enjoy every sandwich.” The date was Oct. 30, 2002. Zevon, sadly, would live only a few weeks after the episode

Center of Attention

On Deck

Christopher Hiett vividly remembers his trips to Lamasco Skatepark as a youngster with his mom and his brother, William. Hiett loved skateboarding, both as a sport and an outlet for self-expression. However, it didn’t take him long to learn Lamasco

Editor's Letter

Sandwiches, Made Right

I grew up on sandwiches. I feel many of us who were kids in the 1960s and 1970s, and later, too, would cite sandwiches as a basic food group for our families. My mother was a big fan of deli

Good Living

A Costly Error

I have a problem. I wish I hadn’t sold my baseball cards. Musician Paul Anka, writing for Frank Sinatra in “My Way,” observed, “Regrets, I’ve had a few, but then again, too few to mention.” I could have written that,

Galaxy Girl

The countdown has begun: In a little more than a year, the Tri-State will celebrate just over three minutes in the path of totality of a solar eclipse. While helping plan Evansville’s festivities, imagine our delight in meeting Mandy Scurry,

Handy Advice

Do you feel run down from managing your daily to-do list? Acupuncturist Karen Johnson says simple techniques can relieve stress, relax muscles, and help you gain a healthier head space. T he former nurse, who earned a master’s degree in

Meet Patty!

Mesker Park Zoo & Botanic Garden has a new resident, and she’s making herself at home. Patty, a Sichuan takin, recently joined female takin Dawa and male takin Xing Fu in Mesker’s Asia loop. Patty came to Mesker from Potawatomi


Retrouvez-Moi À Saint-Louis

With temperatures warmer, the weather sunnier, and spring vacations around the corner, many Tri-State residents are turning their attention to St. Louis, Missouri. A hub of beautiful gardens, world-class cultural institutions, and an increasing number of professional sports teams, the

What a View

If you're planning to go big on your St. Louis getaway, book your stay at the Four Seasons Hotel. The resort-style hotel is set along the banks of the Mississippi River just a short walk from the shimmering Gateway Arch.

Reaching New Heights

Having been a successful swimmer at F.J. Reitz High School, Jordan Ambrose couldn’t wait to help make history as part of the University of Southern Indiana’s first-ever swim team. The daughter of athletic parents, Ambrose started club swimming at age

Home and Style

Funk in the City

From the streets of Downtown Evansville, the second floor of the former Stratman’s Pharmacy in the 400 block of Main Street looks unassuming. However, the sight of a colorful fish sculpture in a corner window might make someone turn for

A Highflying Terrace

Darrell and Penelope Pennington have a secret sanctuary: a picturesque terrace adorned in green and black hues and decked out with lemon and lime trees. Most spring and summer mornings, Penelope enjoys her coffee here when the sun’s still low and


Getting a Glimpse

What started in late 2020 as a need to write something — anything — during a global health crisis yielded a treasure trove of memories for Matt Williams. After recovering from a severe case of COVID-19, Williams — the Evansville native

Blazing Originality

Sparked by a volunteer in 1963, it is the longest-running celebration of high school art in our region. The Evansville Museum of Arts, Science & History presents its 60th Annual High School Art Show from March 16 to April 16.

Late Bloomer

To describe Caroline Roberts as “musically inclined” is an understatement. Majoring in piano and minoring in harp at the University of Evansville, she sings and plays organ, keyboard, harpsichord, and a bit of guitar. She also gives instrument lessons at

Food & Drink

Photo of pork, salad, beans, corn, and a roll.

Tasty Learning

The Evansville Vanderburgh School Corp. Culinary Arts program at the Southern Indiana Career & Technical Center sent Sam Wagoner onto a career at local high-end restaurants. He’s thrilled now to have come full circle, taking over for Chef Ed Ellis
Photo of Joycelyn Winnecke and her Gruyère puff provided by Joycelyn Winnecke

Creating the Perfect Egg

I love eggs for their endless versatility: over-easy, sunny-side up, or caramelized in cream; scrambled, deviled, or — for the ambitious and brave — a soufflé. My daughter Grace Adee makes shakshuka — eggs baked in spicy tomato sauce with
Photo of Kristen Holt Burckhartt by Jodi Keen

Count Your Eggs

With the price of eggs going up, you may be tempted to start your own chicken coop. Kristen Holt Burckhartt first got chickens in March 2020. Her daughter suggested the idea, and Burckhartt thought, “Why not?” “Like many people, we
Photo of George Relyea by Zach Straw

Raising Sourdough

When making sourdough bread, the best part is slicing through a crisp, finished loaf and its warm scent wafting in the air. Sure, flour is everywhere; it is a messy, sticky, involved process, but after a couple of tries, sourdough


Forever Beautiful

This story begins in 2014 when Castle High School student Jesse Meyer took an after-school job at a landscaping and garden center. At the time, it never occurred to the 15-year-old that she was stepping into a world she’d enjoy