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October / November 2011

Evansville Business

The Other 51 Weeks

During the first full week of October, nearly 150,000 people converge on 0.3 miles on West Franklin Street. They eat deep fried Kool-Aid and deep fried s’mores. They ride the Ferris wheel. They struggle to find parking. For this one

Building Evansville

Moving on Up

On the East Side of Evansville, Vogel Road dashes east from North Green River Road. It’s a steady stream of commerce: low-lying, single-story buildings housing chain restaurants, specialty shops, and strip malls with hair salons and dentist offices. It’s suburban

Back Talk

Jonathan Weinzapfel

Job: Mayor, City of Evansville (Two Terms) Hometown: Evansville His Story: 2011 marked the beginning of Jonathan Weinzapfel’s eighth year as mayor, and barely a month in, he announced he would not seek reelection — or pursue the impending election

Business Front

Perhaps Some Appreciation

Mayor Jonathan Weinzapfel was not happy with me nor I with him. It was November 2003, and he was going on the cover for the first time of our December/January 2004 issue of Evansville Business. As often is the case

Hitchhiking Blood Suckers

Bloodsuckers. Bed bugs are bloodsuckers, and what used to be a problem in New York City is now Evansville’s problem. In early fall, Action Pest Control exterminators treated bed bug infestations in public places. Kevin Pass, Action’s president and owner,

Hollywood Homage

Beaux Cheveux’s “old world” style had served the salon well for 16 years in the Curtis Building, but owners Julie Brendel and Susan Jennings were ready for a change. “We wanted to remodel, but you just can’t do that while

Mass Appeal

When the 47-year-old Bill Merkel was a child, he’d sit on the front porch of his parents’ house and listen to a radio scanner. It was family fun to hear reports from dispatch agencies transmitting over the airwaves. “It revealed

The Queen of Pawn

When Rachael Goldman was a child, her family’s pawnshop was a playpen. It was where she and sister Andrea played dress-up with fine jewelry, where she learned to play a few notes on a purple sparkle Danelectro guitar, and where

Retirement in 2012

If you are in your 40s or 50s and already have your 62nd birthday highlighted on the calendar with a big smiley face, here’s some advice: Check your math first. Age 62 is when Social Security payments first become available

Online Exclusives

Link Up

Inspired by local issues — and news from Evansville Business magazine — we present these links that made us click for more. Mall Walk The Fall Festival makes Franklin Street the most popular roadway in Evansville for one week every October.