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October / November 2017

Evansville Business

Ahead of the Curve

No matter the location or size of a project, there is one philosophy that ties together the architects, designers, and engineers of Hafer — passion for their community.  “We, on purpose, have stayed focused here,” says company president Jeff Justice. “We do projects seven or eight hours away, but the ones that really get us excited are the ones helping this community.”

Back Talk

Ben Shoulders

Education: Harrison High School graduate; bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana; bank management certificate and Commercial Lending School graduate from the Indiana Bankers Association Resume: Corporate Relationship Manager and Vice President, Old National Bank, 2013-present; Vanderburgh County Commissioner, District 1, January 2017-present Family: Wife Shannon; children Emma (7) and twins Sadie (4) and Parker (4)

Business Front

One Weekend in September

One of my favorite truisms goes like this: When you are under the age of 35 and you turn in on Sunday evening after the weekend with your spouse, partner, or in this day and age, whatever floats your boat, the conversation usually sounds something like, “What a great weekend. Party at the lake on Friday night, concert Saturday night, and lying around watching sports all day Sunday.” At 35 years of age and beyond, a Sunday evening usually goes something like this: “Man, we sure got a lot done this weekend.”

Land Ho

River City residents will no longer be able to take their luck to the boat as Tropicana Evansville’s new land-based casino aims to change the gambling game in Indiana.

Hitting the Books

It is not surprising to Cyndee Sturgis Landrum that most of her career has involved libraries. The Chicago native grew up in libraries. “My mom, probably when I was about 10, took a job at a medical library. It was down the street from where I attended grammar school,” says the Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library chief executive officer and director. “So you can imagine every day after school I would walk to the library.”

Talk the Talk

After falling down a rabbit hole of watching TED videos on YouTube a few years ago, Zac Parsons knew he wanted to be a part of bringing the experience to others in Evansville. In 2015, the city hosted its first TEDx gathering. TEDxEvansville is an event sprung out of the nonprofit TED, whose mission is to spread ideas and start conversations through short video talks. TEDx, a program of TED, is designed to help communities create their own local talks and events.

Hot Dam

“Newburgh to Crystal Taylor. Newburgh to Crystal Taylor.” Lockmaster Tony Barron pages an Ingram barge preparing to go through the Newburgh Lock and Dam. He starts the process of closing the gates to the 1,200-foot chamber and lowering the water in the lock before allowing Crystal Taylor to continue its journey down the Ohio River.

Energy Efficient

Christine Keck says the theme of her life is that it’s nonlinear. Looking back, her journey has taken many unexpected turns that ultimately led to her current position as the director of federal government affairs with Vectren and Energy Systems Group. “If you charted out my career — I don’t know that we would write this in a textbook of how to do what I do — my career path is not linear,” says Keck. “It will look like an odd career path.”

On Beat

The walls of Brett Mulzer’s office are lined with guitars — exactly what you would expect from the owner and president of Moore Music. An orange guitar hangs on the wall. It was his first Paul Reed Smith he found in Florida when he was 24. Another guitar once belonged to Keith Urban while he was on a tour, but Mulzer is quick to point out that’s not his best story.