Going Bananas

Since 1912, Nisbet Inn (6701 Nisbet Road, Haubstadt, IN) has served hometown favorites. Now, the banana cream pie fish bowl is offering a new twist on Nisbet’s traditions.

“We are ‘world famous’ for our coldest beers, so we wanted to expand on the fish bowl and utilize it in our own new way,” says owner Becky Harl.

The banana cream pie fish bowl is offered year round and was created after Harl’s seasonal strawberry pie fish bowl found overwhelming popularity about three years ago.

The decadent dessert is made with pie crust, homemade vanilla pudding, a sliced banana, and whipped cream. A combination of smooth and crunchy, this melt-in-your-mouth treat is the perfect size to share.

Harl hopes to continue the dish’s success by creating new flavors. She offers a seasonal pumpkin pie bowl and wants to experiment with pineapple upside down cake.

“You have to keep things the same because people come just for those things, but you have to reinvent yourself, too,” she says.

Perfect Puddin’

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