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Hoosier Shandy

In March, 65 college basketball teams will compete in one tournament, and Hoosier pride in basketball runs deep. Indiana University’s men’s basketball team is no lock to compete during March Madness, but I’m not a fair-weather fan. This cocktail — which plays off the traditional shandy, a beer mixed with a citrus-flavored soda — beams white and crimson red, IU’s team colors.

Also poetic: The beverage includes an Indiana-brewed beer, an Upland Wheat Ale. To accent the sweet muskiness of the Upland Wheat Ale, the cocktail, known as the Hoosier Shandy, contains Campari, a floral, bitter Italian aperitif. Raise a glass and toast a Hoosier tradition.

—Tom Fischer of Evansville is the host of an online show, BourbonBlog.com. He works closely with his website’s drink advisor, mixologist Stephen Dennison.

Make Your Own
In a room temperature large pint glass, combine these ingredients in order: 1.5 oz. Campari, 1 lemon squeeze, and 1 12-ounce bottle of Upland Wheat Ale.
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